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Hi, my name is Alex, I’m glad to see you here. I have created and dedicated this website to my beloved girlfriend wife Lidochka! :love:

On this website I will publish the scanned colour covers from Love is… bubble gum. Here you can see how I do it. You can read more about Love is… comics on the Love is… History page. If you are also a fan of Love is… comic strip you can “Tweet” and “Like” your favourite pictures. If you liked this website please share it with your friends on your blogs and social networks. Thanks for visiting!

P.S. I don’t sell (and I don’t know where you can to buy) any Love is… stuff (figurines, t-shirts, cups etc.). If You are interested in ads on this website, just contact with me through contact form.


To create each image published on this website, I spent more then 2 hours of my life. Therefore, copying pictures from this site without my permission is strictly prohibited. Please respect the work of others.